Date: Tuesday mornings

Time: 1 hour clinic  - 8:00 am or 9:00 am - based on the current schedule

Cost: Click here for rates

Place: Scottsdale Villa Mirage Tennis Center

What Court: South Court (next to pool)

Sign Up: To sign up, contact us by clicking HERE

RSVP: You must sign up by 4:00 pm the day before the Tennis Clinic.

A minimum of 2 people must sign up in order to schedule the Tennis Clinic.

The Tennis Clinic is designed to cover just the basics of the game at a higher level and is not intended for the individual needs of the student.

To have the Tennis Pro evaluate and work on your weaknesses or a specific part of your game, it's recommended that you take a private lesson.



For more information stop by the Activities Center at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort or to schedule a Group Clinic or Lesson,  contact Joe the Pro


Bring your Tennis Racket.

Rackets are available by the Pro or you can also check them out in the Lobby at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort.


Balls will be provided. 

After your lesson, ask the Tennis Pro how you can download a copy of the  Tennis Clinic Instructional Guide that was prepared and created by the Tennis Pro that covers all of the material that was presented during the Tennis Clinic and much much more. 




1. How can I determine the correct grip size when I purchase a new tennis racket?

2. What is meant by Eastern Forehand, Eastern Backhand and Continental grip?

3. What is the recommended grip for a backhand, forehand and volley?

4. What causes my forehand and backhand to go long or into the net?




The Tennis Clinic will demonstrate  the mechanics on hitting the Forehand, Backhand and Volley.


The Tennis Clinic will focus on

Racket preparation

Court position

 and techniques

 that will help you improve your game.


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