One young girl teenage student, who never picked up a racket, started taking private lessons from Joe. After 3 months of taking weekly private lessons twice a week,  joined the Scottsdale Singles Tennis League and finished  in 1st place.

In her first tournament that she played, in the first round match, playing against a veteran player twice her age,  she came back from being down 3-6 2-5 to win the match in a 3rd set tiebreak that lasted nearly 3 hours of play.  The final score was 3-6 7-5 7-6.

Her comments were; "When I played my first tournament and was on the verge of loosing the match down 2-5 in the second set, I started to think about what you told me. And that was to believe in myself and have confidence in my ability to win the match and that worked. And I came back and won the match.

Thank you for being my coach during the private lessons and match play competition. You made be feel so confident in my game. Your positive influence, techniques and drills that you demonstrated were so valuable to my game!".



A young lady staying at the Scottsdale Links Resort is a big fan of Tennis and attends a lot of professional tennis tournaments. She signed up for her first private lesson.

After the lesson, she text me with her comments about her first lesson;  "What a great lesson you gave me today. I'm here every few months. May swing by after Indian Wells. I want to spread the word about you, not that you need it. Hands down, what an amazing start to 2016."



Three ladies signed up for a private weekly tennis clinic. They said, "We just want to try out your tennis clinic for 1 week and if we like the way you teach us then we may consider signing up for another 4 weeks. "

After their first lesson, they said"We took a lesson from the tennis pro at the Princess Resort before coming to see you and we're glad that we did not commit to the pro at the Princess Resort for weekly tennis lessons.  After you gave us our first lesson, you are the one that we enjoyed the most. We want to start taking lessons from you on weekly basis."

They continued taking weekly lessons for over 1 year.



A couple from Illinois took a semi-private lesson from the Tennis Pro. Carol Ann's comments were;  "I've taken Tennis Lessons from a Pro before and I've always felt intimidated and very nervous every time I take a private lesson. But with you, I felt so relaxed and I had so much fun learning new techniques.  I haven't played tennis for a year but now with the confidence that you helped me feel, I plan to play tennis again. My husband and I plan to come back to the Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort next year and take more private lessons from you".

A young guest from New Jersey,  that was staying at the Villa Mirage Resort with her husband, took two private lessons from Joe. Her comments were; "You showed me new techniques that I never knew before that improved both my forehand and backhand strokes. What's amazing about the lesson is that at the end of the lesson, you gave me an Instructional Guide that included everything that was covered in the lesson and more".

"Thank you for the match that you set up for me after the lesson.  I consider you my coach. I enjoyed my stay at the Villa Mirage Resort and plan to come back and take more lessons from you!". She showed her appreciation by giving Joe an extra $10 tip in each of her private lessons.

A couple vacationing from Denver, Colorado had their 8 year old girl take a private lesson from Joe with her dad watching her.  After the lesson, her dads comments were;  "My daughter takes private  lessons in Denver on a weekly basis and today she learned new techniques that she never learned before.  The mechanics and drills that you demonstrated today has helped her improve her forehand and backhand strokes".  He demonstrated his positive feedback and appreciation by giving Joe an extra $10 tip. 

A couple from Washington, staying at the Villa Mirage Resort attended  a private lesson. Their comments were; "We had fun today. It was enjoyable and we learned so many new things that will benefit our game. We want to sign up for another private lesson before we check out this week. Thank you for providing us with  a match, at our level, after our lesson".

A advance player from Virginia had this to say about his private lesson; "For years, I've always hit a defensive backhand slice and never could hit a topspin backhand properly. In just one lesson, I've learned the proper grip and mechanics on hitting a backhand topspin shot. I can now use this as a weapon in my game. Thank you for making it easy for me to learn the mechanics of hitting a topspin backhand stroke".

Two ladies that took a Semi-Private Lesson had this to say; "Both of us have taken many private lessons before from other Tennis Pros. And there is no comparison to the way you teach us. You can quickly see what we are doing wrong and make simple corrections that results in hitting a better shot within minutes!  We plan to leave positive comments about the Tennis Lesson on the Comment Card when we check out."



A couple from San Diego staying at the Resort,  attended the Tennis Clinic. Their comments were; "We enjoyed the Tennis Clinic at the Villa Mirage. Thanks for the tips that you gave us and for the drills that you demonstrated on both forehand, backhand and volley. They were beneficial to our game. And we appreciate and thank you for taking an extra 15 minutes, after the 1 hour session was up, to finish the drills on both the forehand and backhand volley!".

A young couple vacationing at the Villa Mirage Resort took part in the weekly Tennis Clinic. Their comments were; "You made the lesson so simple and clear to understand that I can now apply these principles to my game. I've taken private lessons before and in all of the lessons that I took, I've never learned as much as I've learned today!. We'll keep in touch with you".

A woman vacationing from Canada, who is an advance player, attended the Tennis Clinic with her husband. She said; "Thank you for showing me specific areas of my game where I can improve.  The new techniques that I learned today will help me be a better player".

A mom had her 5 year old son take a Tennis Clinic. Her comments were;  "This was his first tennis lesson that he ever had. You did a great job teaching my 5 year old son.  You spoke in his language and made him understand everything from a 5 year boy point of view. She enjoyed the lesson so much that she scheduled another lesson for her son on the next day".

On the next day, he learned how to serve and by the end of lesson was already serving and hitting his serve with pace over the net.

A 6 year old boy  attended the Tennis Clinic with his dad watching him; "In the beginning of the lesson, he could hardly get the ball over the net. But towards the end of Tennis Clinic, he hit 7 straight angle volleys in a row over the net. It was amazing watching this little boy, who's height was just below the top of the net,  improve from start  to finish". 

In one Tennis Clinic, 5 people from Pennsylvania, Alabama and London attended the Tennis Clinic. The 5 guests were from beginners to Advance players.  Some of the comments were: "I had so much fun today. I've learned so many things about the game that I never knew before. Thank you for giving me the Instructional Guide that shows everything that you went over in today's Tennis Clinic!"

A couple from Oregon had their 3 teenage boys and a teenage girl take a lesson for the first time. At first it was a challenge for them since they were beginners. But by the time the hour was up, they were able to hit consistent volleys over the net with pace and accuracy. The parents enjoyed seeing their kids improve with every stroke and want to schedule another lesson before they check out this week.



A guest at the Villa Mirage Resort broke a string on his racket while playing tennis at the resort and needed the racket re-strung. His comments were; "Your wide selection of strings on your web site made it very easy to choose the right string for my game. Thank you for stringing my racket so quickly. After I mentioned to you that I had a match on the next morning, you went out of your way to string my racket on the same day. You had it done and delivered to my room in less then 5 hours and the feel of the new string felt much better then the old string that I had before!".

While traveling to the Villa Mirage Resort, a guest had a string on her racket broken during handling by the Airlines Baggage Department; "When the Tennis Pro heard that she needed her racket  strung for a doubles match the next morning,  he strung her racket and delivered it to her within 4 hours".

A guest who took a Tennis Clinic from the Tennis Pro broke a string on his racket. He needed his racket strung for a match on the next day. The pro was able to string his racket on the same day and bring it to his room. The guest was so happy about the quick turn-around that he left positive comments about the Tennis Program to the management staff and is planning to come back to the Villa Mirage Resort again next year. 



A guest from France, who is a tournament player and staying at the Villa Mirage Resort, rented the Tennis Ball Machine. His comments were; "I enjoyed practicing with the Tennis Ball Machine. I especially enjoyed using the wireless remote control to control the ball machine. It made it very easy to start and stop the balls from the baseline and to change the random sweep from forehand to backhand.   I want to rent the Ball Machine again tomorrow morning!".

A couple staying at the Villa Mirage Resort rented the Tennis Ball Machine. Their  comments were; "Both of us enjoyed and had fun hitting with your Tennis Ball Machine. Being able to stay at the Resort and having the Tennis Ball Machine available to us is just great!