For over 20 years, Joe has taught tennis at various levels from 5 year olds to 79 years olds. From beginners to advance players. Tennis Players from around the world have taking part in the Tennis Program offered at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort by the Tennis Pro.  Joe's teaching experience include students from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alabama, Washington, Oregon, Denver, San Diego and from across the world such as Canada, France and England.


2015 - Nov -  The pro beat a player ranked in the top 5 in the Southwest in singles competition 6-3 6-0 and again in December 2015 by a score of 6-2 6-3.

2015 - Feb -  Joe, the pro, beat the #2 ranked player in the Southwest in Singles Competition 6-0 6-1. In the last 6 months the #2 ranked player reached the finals in Singles Open USTA Tournaments and won 3 out of 4 tournaments played.

2010 - NOVEMBER - SEEDED #1 -  in the Phoenix Singles Senior Open.

2010 - FEBRUARY - MADE TO THE FINALS OF THE USTA POLAR BEAR SENIOR OPEN. This was the first tournament that Joe entered in 2010.

2007 - AUGUST - JOE WAS RANKED #6 BY THE USTA IN THE SOUTHWEST SINGLES SENIOR RANKING - Because of Joe's busy teaching schedule, he only had time to enter a couple of  tournaments all year and because he got to either the semi-finals or the finals in those events, he accumulated enough ranking points to move his ranking to #6 in the Southwest.

2007 - FEBRUARY - REACHED THE FINALS IN THE USTA POLAR BEAR SENIOR OPEN SINGLES EVENT - Joe eliminated the #3 seed in the quarter-finals and the #1 seed in the semi-finals. For this tournament the #3 and #1 seeds were  ranked #1 and #3 in the Southwest  for this Senior Open Singles Event. In the Finals, he lost to the #2 seed. But in the last two tournaments and league competition that Joe played in, Joe recently beat the #2 seed twice, back to back.  5 days later, Joe challenged the #2 seed in a re-match and won 6-3 6-2.

2007 - JANUARY - TOOK 1ST PLACE IN SINGLES LEAGUE - This is the highest level of play that Scottsdale offers. To win 1st place, he had to eliminate a ranked player, who this year was seeded #2 in Open Sanctioned Tennis Tournaments in the Southwest.

2006 - OCTOBER - REACHED THE SEMI-FINALS IN THE USTA PHOENIX OPEN - In the road to the semi-finals, he beat the #3 seed. In reaching the semi-finals, he had to play 3 singles matches on the same day and two of those matches were day matches that were scheduled back to back against the #3 and #2 seeds. In the semi-finals, he played the #2 seed. The match lasted over 2.5 hours of play with the final score 5-7 5-7.

2006 - WON 96% OF LEAGUE MATCHES  - Playing at the highest level available in Singles League Competition in Scottsdale, Joe took 1st place by winning 80 out of 84 games played. One of the players that Joe beat was seeded #3 in several singles Open Tournaments events by the USTA in the Southwest.


To get to the finals and win, Joe had to face and eliminate the #2 and #1 seeds

2004 - FIRST PLACE SINGLES EVENT  -  At the highest level offered in league competition, Joe took 1st place,  twice back to back in 2004.  Beating a ranked  player who this year was seeded #3 by the USTA in Senior Open Tournaments events in the Southwest.

2004 - FINALS USTA OPEN SINGLES EVENT  - Joe made it to the finals in the USTA singles ST. PATRICK'S SENIOR OPEN in 2004.

2003 - WON SINGLES TOURNAMENT  - Joe took the first place trophy in the singles PASEO SPRING FLING OPEN in 2003.

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